Are You A Lonely Entrepreneur?

Finally becoming an entrepreneur can be one of the most exciting journeys of your life, but it can also be one of the loneliest. Starting your own business is a mercurial, exhausting, rewarding, and incredible experience, but if you go it alone, you can sometimes find yourself sitting at the top without someone to share the challenges and rewards of it.

The key to curbing that feeling is to foster and promote community. While you might not be able to fraternize with your employees or customers in a relaxed way, that doesn’t mean that you can’t build the type of community that you used to have when you weren’t the boss, and you had fellow co-workers. You can create a community of makers, something that centers on your common drive to create and innovate, which will help in both professional and personal isolation.

However, you do have to work harder at it. The community isn’t built into the work, and entrepreneurs have a tendency to put the work above all else. If you’re having trouble convincing other people like yourself that these networks and communities are worthwhile, tell them that it’s imperative that they surround themselves with people who constantly challenge them intellectually and creatively. Nothing gets created in a void, afterall.

Having a community reminds you that you aren’t the smartest person in the room, and it gives you inspiration for ways to improve both yourself as a business owner and your business itself. So get out there, make some “business friends” and grow your network!