How To Get A Massage Everyday!

Picture this – a rejuvenating, invigorating massage. Every. Single. Morning.

Sure this sounds like a pipe dream solely reserved for the rich and the successful, but a daily massage is actually more attainable for the average person than you might think. The catch? Well…you have to do it yourself.

That might seem like a substantial catch, but it’s actually never been easier to get a professional massage experience, without having to break the bank. For less than the cost of one massage session, you can purchase a few items that you can use to simulate the experience.

Do you run or work out a lot? If you do, a foot massage everyday can help lower inflammation and chronic pinching. Items like this mini ball and this massage ball are perfect for massaging your feet. Each of these items can be purchased for under $7, so you can relieve those achy feet every night, and still make rent too.

A foam roller is also a pretty good investment. You can use it to relieve achy, tense muscles after intense gaming sessions, Netflix binges, or even long study sessions. The foam roller will help stretch out your muscles and assist with blood circulation, so you’ll feel more relaxed and be a bit healthier too. You can pick one up on Amazon for under $20.

Don’t want to splurge for an expensive, hour long massage? Try your nearest nail salon. Most of them offer 10 minute chair massages at around $10. At $10, a massage everyday is certainly attainable for some people, but you might want to cut back on Starbucks and fast food if you plan on incorporating this into your daily routine


All of these suggestions, while technically much cheaper than a standard massage, still cost a bit of money. If you’re short on cash, consider trading a massage with someone you live with. They definitely could use a massage, and you could too, so it’s basically a win win!