How To Minimize Premature Aging

If you’re alive you’re going to grow older. For many of us that’s a good thing. We want to grow into our older, more full featured bodies, at least until we hit a certain point in our lives where the signs of aging kick in. All the healthy habits in the world won’t stop you from looking older, but here are some that can keep you looking young while you’re supposed to.

Don’t Smoke or Drink

Or do, your call. Just keep in mind that these habits will deplete your body of certain key nutrients. Your teeth will discolor over time, your skill well get wrinkled and sag, and your organs will invariably deteriorate. Granted, this stuff doesn’t happen overnight, but therein lies the rub since more often than not, by the time you notice these adverse effects it’s too late to reverse them.

The Sun and The Cold

A little sunlight never killed anybody, and it’s actually essential for good skin health. With that being said, sun damage caused by UV rays can leave your skin wrinkled and damaged. The cold isn’t any better either. Cold, frigid environments can leave your skin moisturized and wrinkly. The solution? Plenty of water, sunscreen, and lotion. Oh, and limit your exposure to the sun where you can, >20 minutes of sun exposure is enough to get all the good Vitamin D it has to offer.


Have your parents or loved one’s ever told you to “fix your attitude”? If so, they probably just want you to look younger, since attitude actually plays a role in premature aging. Happier people generally look younger.

Watch Your Weight

Being too thin might leave you looking older a lot sooner. You can very well end up looking pretty gaunt when your facial structure lacks enough natural fats. Being overweight can be problematic too, as you’re a lot less likely to exercise as you get older and/or heavier. Dropping that extra 30 pounds is a lot easier when you’re 25 then it is when you hit 40, trust me.