Killer Ways To Boost Your Blog

Does your blog showcase your unique outlook on the world and contain great insights and content, but for some reason you’re having trouble getting it off the ground? When it comes to something as personal as blogs, we can often forget that just like anything on the internet, in order to be successful and gain traction, they have to be marketed correctly. So while content is paramount, here are a few tips that might be able to get you from a few hundred likes to several thousand!

First things first, make sure your title kicks butt. Whatever that means depends on your subject and the nature of your blog, but a title is the first thing your potential readers will see. Make sure it has buzz or power words, and when applicable, include a number. Studies have shown that numbers will increase your clicks greatly.

Now that that’s out of the way, make sure your blog is easily shared by the people who read it. You can tout it all day long, but a fan who reposts or shares it is worth ten of your own “check out my new entry!” posts. Have all your social media share links visible and easy to use every time. On that same vein, make sure all your photos are Pinterest friendly (which means the additional step of adding a “pin it” button).

Finally, continue to do your outreach regimen, which should include things like using buzzstream, reaching out to topic-relevant influencers, and being active on social media yourself. The more presence you have on the internet, the more your blog will have!