Learn To Love That Subject You Hate

It’s often necessary for us to spend a significant amount of time learning and using a subject or topic that we hate, that bores us to the point of tears. It can feel like pulling teeth, and ultimately we end up spending more time going over the material, trying to make it stick in our brains, than we would with a subject we found interesting. We’re going to share a life hack that will allow you to find these topics more interesting, and thus easier to learn. After all, wouldn’t you rather learn something you like than plod through a topic you loathe?

First, think about why you want or need to learn about the subject in the first place. Often we want to learn something as an end goal to bettering our lives. College courses, learning how to do our taxes, even learning CPR falls into this category. When you narrow in on the why, the action of learning can become easier.

Still, though, the urge to procrastinate on something we don’t like is very strong. If you find you’re a big procrastinator, follow the Pomodoro method: hide all your distractions, focus intently and purposefully for 25 minutes, and reward yourself with 5 minutes off. Repeat!

Finally, recognize that learning takes time, and not everything comes together all at once. Read a chapter on something and, if you don’t understand 90% of it, come back and read it again the next day. Give your brain time to absorb things and mull them over while you focus on other things. Coming back to a subject the next day (and every day) will help you grasp it better as a whole.