Lyft Goes Driverless In SF

Big News, San Franciscans: the future of ridesharing is coming to your neighborhood! Lyft is deploying a small fleet of self-driving cars in the bay area to test the viability of the feature for the future of the industry!

Partnered with, Lyft won’t just allow anyone to request these rides, however. They’ll have to be selected to try them out, and while Lyft won’t say how or why that will happen, we’re guessing it has something to do with testing weather, traffic conditions, and locations. All test rides will be free, and subjects will be asked to fill out a questionnaire afterwards about their experience!

Lyft’s product chief, Taggart Matthiesen, is upfront about how, well, experimental the experiment is. “We really want to understand, what are all the pieces that need to come into place,” he says, for autonomous vehicles to become the norm in ride sharing. To that end, Lyft isn’t just exploring with; over the past few years, they’ve made deals with Google spinoff Waymo, Jaguar Land Rover, and GM. “We don’t think a single provider is going to win here,” says Matthiesen. “We want to work with the best, and work their tech into our platform.”

Most San Franciscans won’t get to be testers for this new service, but still, keep your eyes peeled for Lincoln MKZs and Audi A4s around town: you just might catch a glimpse of one of these autonomous cars in action! Hopefully soon, this technology will be the norm and we can all get the chance to experience it.