Nix Post-Workout Pain Easily

A story from a long time cyclist has given us the key to nixing workout pain very simply. As the cyclist stated, cycling resulting pain in her knees, calves, and quads—not to mention her neck (since you’re always bent over but looking up).

As she has aged, her body doesn’t recover as quickly as it used to. Stretching after a ride and massaging her legs help, but never enough. She was at the point of simply dealing with the pain as a part of her cycling life when a fellow cyclist shared her secret. Hot Baths.

The first night, she had ridden for 30 miles and showered quickly. Right before bedtime, she climbed into the tub to prevent a lot of movement afterward.

She said that the hot water took some getting used to, but after 10 minutes she felt the water penetrating her legs and soothing all of her aches. When she climbed out, she felt refreshed and relaxed and ready for bed. She fell into a deep sleep as soon as she lay down in bed.

The following day, upon waking, she realized her muscles felt looser than usual- particularly her quads and feet. So, she went for an hour walk. That evening, she she took another hot bath.

Over the next few days, she noticed the difference in her muscles, and had better recovery after riding or other exercise. In addition, the baths calmed the mind

One night she was too tired for her new nightly ritual. She found it harder to fall asleep, and her legs were stiff the next day. Overall, she found that the nighttime baths aided in her muscle recovery even better than pain relievers, muscle ointments, or massages. A simple answer for an annoying issue that comes with the love of riding.