Plan The Perfect Product Launch

If your product launch isn’t a hit, selling that product after the launch will be ten times harder. Launches help garner buzz and attention, plus they allow people to test the product and review it before it’s available to the public. Preparing a launch is stressful enough, so in order to ensure success, make sure you follow these five tips:

Use social media to your advantage. Build mystery and hype around your product by hinting about it across all platforms, and revealing facts slowly. Suspense draws attention every time.

Get “influencers” both to try the product ahead of time and to come to your launch. You can usually get their attendance for little or no money, and they’ll provide excellent cheap advertising to all their followers for you.

Along this same vein of thought, make sure that you give your product to experts to review well in advance of the launch. Their (hopefully) positive reviews will also build expectations and anticipation around your product.

Another way to get your fans involved is to host a giveaway of your product. Often people will sign up for giveaways without even knowing what the product is, and then they’ll just get more and more excited as it gets closer. It’s a perfect way to control hype.

Finally, if you’re already established and have a fan-base, definitely create a pre-order option for your product. This means that you can ship on the day the product is available, and that you’ll have an idea of your first-week sales before you even launch! Perfection!