The New Detention

We are constantly learning about the far reaching results of parenting and punishment, and adjusting our actions accordingly. Sixty years ago, corporal punishment was encouraged in schools, but was slowly phased out in favor of things like detention and timeouts. Well now, we may be seeing the next step in the evolution of childcare: meditation.

We know, we know, kids have it so easy these days. Before you dismiss this was wishy-washy new age mumbo-jumbo, consider this: Robert W. Coleman in Baltimore hasn’t given out a suspension (the next step after meditation) in over two years, since they began the program. It’s a relief for the teachers and parents, and by all accounts creates calmer, more introspective children.

When a student acts out at Coleman or other schools that have implemented this program, they are sent to the Mindful Moment Room, where they meet with a Mindfulness Instructor. Often they just engage in breathing exercises, but sometimes they even do a little yoga with the instructor to calm down. Kids are given the option to visit the room in their off time, and surprisingly a lot opt to do so.

The program works because children unconsciously implement the exercises and calming down techniques they learn in the Mindful Moments Room after they’ve left it. They regulate their emotions more and have less symptoms of depression, anxiety, and even ADHD! Not bad for a little breathing, right?