The Science Behind Vegan

As a meat eater, the thought of cutting meat out of my diet entirely is kind of terrifying.

And frankly it should be…ok well maybe not terrifying, but cutting meat out of your diet is definitely a decision you should make very carefully. Sure there are benefits to eating a plant based diet, but there are many benefits to eating meat too. Yet, veganism seems to be the trend everywhere you look on social media. Whether it’s because of moral reasons pertaining to animal cruelty, or strictly health based, veganism is promoted as something incredibly trendy.

Vegan bloggers and social media influencers will swear by their recipes, substitutes, supplements, etc, but does it all really live up to the hype? Not according to Anthony Warner.

Warner, the author of an article called “The Dangers of a Vegan Diet”, rips into modern day veganism and it’s “cultish” following. Vegan influencers will very rarely, if at all talk about the drawbacks of veganism. Instead, they’ll tout it as the morally correct, virtuous dietary plan that somehow leaves it’s adherents less susceptible to meat induced diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Warner dismisses most of this as pseudoscience. These vegan bloggers and influencers aren’t painting an accurate picture of the reasons why veganism is better. In many cases, they’re are misconstruing many of it’s benefits as well. Furthermore a meatless diet isn’t healthy if it isn’t done carefully. After all, there are some nutrients that you simply can’t get from vegetables and fruits alone.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t vegans who are living healthy, balanced lifestyles, but it’s a little more tricky than just choosing not to eat meat. In fact, Warner points out that a healthy diet has more to do with what you choose to eat, and less to do with what you don’t eat. If you are considering taking up a vegan diet, it’s important to do your own due diligence and plan carefully.