The Future Of The Amazon

It’s a wonder, with all of the industrialization and change the Earth has gone through over the past 150 years, that we even still have an Amazon forest. It’s diminishing quickly, but we’re becoming more and more conscious of our impact on the environment, and going forward, we can make sure that progress no longer means the destruction of the natural world.

Before now, the Amazon (and other remaining wilderness areas) were viewed as frontiers to be conquered, which often involved – whether deliberately or not – the destruction of the areas themselves. With modern green technology, we no longer have to view them as such, and one could go so far as to argue that we have a moral obligation to change that point of view in others.

So how does conservation go hand in hand with development in the future? The key is innovation, research, and accountability. With advanced computer models and the knowledge of how ecosystems have changed in the past millennia, we can predict our future impact on the planet – and change it. Sustainability of the environment while growing the economy is possible, we just have to work harder for it.