Shape Your Company’s Culture

Creating a company culture is one of the more mysterious and elusive parts about forming a company, but it’s vital that you have a firm one in place. A company that knows who it is and what it wants from it’s customers and employees is one that will stick in the minds of both parties. Turning customers and employees into happy advocates of your product is worth more than your whole marketing budget in terms of attracting new consumers.

Where, then, to start? While you can settle on any number of cultures to define your company (driven, ambitious, friendly, helpful, innovative, etc…) you have to make sure your customers see that culture as valuable to them. Therefore, outreach is key in promoting this image of your company. Poll your consumers often to find out if they’re satisfied with your brand, and note what would bring those numbers up. Use your new culture to make those changes!

Also, make sure your customers are aware of your company values. Include them on your emails, have employees reference them when talking to customers, and make sure they’re posted around the office. The more management uses the values language in everyday business conversations, the better the employees, and thus the customers, will be familiar with what you’re about.

Finally, ensure that your culture isn’t stifling growth within your company or your field. It’s okay to revise your values or reassess how your want your company to be run, and customers love it when you’re open and honest with them about the changes you’re making!