These Old School Climbers Were Nuts

Mountaineering today is a serious and dangerous business. 100 years ago, however, it was downright scary. And we’re not just guessing, we have photographic evidence that our grandfathers were more badass than we are. Check it out:

This guy in 1919 has one rope between himself and death, and it’s not even around his waist. Plus, where is his heavy coat and hat and mittens! Did we mention this is the Swiss Alps?!

If this guy fell into this crevasse in Mount baker, Washington, the good folks in 1951 would not have been able to do anything to help him.

It’s 1910, which we guess means even if you’re a mountaineering lady, you have to be in a full skirt at all times. Can you imagine how hard it was to walk in deep snow with those swinging around your legs?

1913, The Italian Alps. Um, no. Just… no.

1913 – “The Jungfrau is over 13,000 feet high, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t doff our Sunday best, right chaps? Pip pip, cheerio!”

1910s, The Swiss Alps – We guess they had some gear, because those boots look vicious, right? Yikes!