Why You Should Walk Every Day

Exercise is key to a healthy, long life, but it doesn’t always have to be sweat-drenched cardio or extreme weightlifting. Studies have shown that a simple daily walk can have extraordinary benefits for very little effort.

For example, a daily walk dramatically reduces your risk of diabetes and cuts back on your weight and blood sugar levels, even if you’re just strolling. It also lowers your blood pressure and your risk of cardiovascular disease, and right there are four things we know your doctor has been nagging you about! Poof, solved!

Also, your bones get stronger from the extra pavement pounding. Each step is another impact on your bones, which encourages them to strengthen to predict the next. Your digestion also gets more regular with a daily walk, because it stretches out your abdominal muscles. However, one of the best reasons to take a daily walk is the clarity of mind it gives you. Just being outside in nature can put you in a better mood, and the movement can stimulate creativity and brainpower!

These are all excellent reasons to get out there for a stroll every day; who doesn’t want to be healthier, more creative, and stronger? But if you’re still struggling to find the motivation, might we suggest a new furry friend? There’s nothing like getting puppy-dog eyes from your newly adopted shelter pooch to get you up off the couch and out for some walkies!