Cleaning Your Kitchen Is Way Easy

Some of us (let’s face it – most of us) have trouble remembering to clean our kitchen, and that means about once a week we reach a point when we freak out and panic about how dirty it is. We spend four hours deep cleaning and then ignore the whole room for the rest of the week, saying to ourselves, “there has got to be a better way!”

Well there is, and thankfully for us space cadets, it comes with a couple handy acronyms! First, in the morning, remember your “to D.E.W.” list! The “D” is for dishes – make sure you clean them the night before, and are ready to put them away in the morning. There’s nothing worse than going to do dishes at night and having to put all the clean ones away first. “E” is for eating – decide what’s for dinner and pull it out to defrost! And the “W” is for wash – move your laundry to the next cleaning stage.

In the evening, follow the “triple S’s” – Start the dishwasher (this one is pretty self explanatory), set yourself up for tomorrow, and straighten up. Setting yourself up for tomorrow is anything from packing your lunch to doing the evening dishes – whatever makes you have to do less work in the morning. And straightening up, well that’s just wiping down countertops and straightening towels.

Two simple acronyms, three steps each, to make sure you have a cleaner kitchen and a happier and less stressful life! Now if only there were acronyms for remembering when your kids soccer practice is…