What Happens When You Walk Every Morning

A writer began walking each morning. Here’s how it went, and what she learned along the way:

Day 1: Monday

I’ll be honest, I was not excited to get up earlier and go for a walk on a Monday morning, so I decided the best way to ease into it was to work from home so I wouldn’t have to wake up quite as early as I would if I were doing this before going into the office. The rest of the day, I felt much more energetic than I typically do—to the point where for most of the work day, I was antsy and really wanted to get back outside and be active. I walked  to the gym and back—adding another 2 miles to my day.

Total Miles Walked: 3.5

Day 2: Tuesday

I got up without even hitting snooze once. I made it out the door before 7:15, came back, hopped in the shower, got ready and made it to the office earlier than I usually do. I felt great all morning—that same energy boost from Day 1 and a whole lot of productivity!

Total Miles Walked: 3.5

Day 3: Wednesday

I woke up ready—and honestly, excited—to go for my walk even though it was still super hot outside. I was so into my walk and listening to my music that I actually strutted right past where I was supposed to turn on my route and then had to turn around. I spent the rest of the day feeling pretty great and full of energy,

Total Miles Walked: 3.7

Day 4: Thursday

Day 4 was kind of a rough day for me for a few reasons. For one, chronic illness means that sometimes I just wake up not feeling so hot, and Thursday was one of those days. I went to bed early. I’m still considering it a win that I managed to not skip my walk even when I wasn’t feeling my best, and I’m glad to know that it helped.

Total Miles Walked: 1.5

Day 5: Friday

I woke up feeling a lot better and managed to get myself out the door in less than 15 minutes. My walk was great, and unlike Day 2, I managed to keep my energy up all day in the office. I noticed that I didn’t feel my usual end-of-week sleepy slump sneaking up on me, so I think that my morning walk actually helped.

Total Miles Walked: 2.5

Days 6 & 7: The Weekend

I combined the weekend days because they were both pretty similar. Rather than wake up early and go right out for my walk, I let myself be a little lazier—I had brunch plans both days, so I gave myself just enough time to walk the full 1.5 mile route before I had to head back home and shower and get ready. Both walks were super pleasant, and when one of my friends asked why I was still taking them on the weekends I told her that I genuinely was enjoying this little experiment and planned to keep it up even after the week was up—and it’s true!

Total Miles Walked: 3 (Saturday), 2.5 (Sunday)

Total for the Whole Week: 20.2 miles!