Guided Meditations For The Work Day

To become centered and relaxed throughout your day, take a look at these guided meditations free on YouTube – there are hundreds of videos to choose from that take you from stressed, back to a zen.

Waking Up

Here is a 10 minute meditation video that’s meant to start your day with positive energy and get your productivity going.

While You Get Ready

You can do this video as you put on your clothes and get ready in front of the mirror.

Morning Commute

This video can help you relax, allowing you to start your workday as your best self.

Lunch Break

Whether you need to de-stress from the work day, or want to center yourself and become more mindful for the rest of the day, this video will help you reset.

Unwinding At Home

If you would like to center yourself and find your inner peace, this video is excellent to wipe away stress, anxiety, and worry.