Make Your Living Room A Guest Room

Having a guest room is nice, but for a lot of us that’s just not possible. Here’s some of our best advice for hosting guests in your living room.

Test the space before your guests arrive

Spend the night in your “guest room” to put yourself in your guests’ shoes. Maybe it’ll inspire you — to upgrade your air mattress, to get a mattress pad for that lumpy sofa bed, orto provide a fan to block out street noise.

Provide a lamp!

Going straight from bright overhead lighting to complete darkness can be a little jarring — not to mention the hazard of walking from the light switch to your couch bed in pitch darkness in an unfamiliar place. Providing a lamp close to your guests’ bed is a nice touch, both for comfort and (potentially) safety.

Don’t skimp on bedding

It may not get used very often, but your guests will appreciate it if you make it a point to get proper bedding for your guest-bed-that-isn’t-a-bed. Blankets and extra pillows will be appreciated.

Provide a spot for luggage

Provide your guests with a luggage rack or an out-of-the-way spot on the floor for your guests’ suitcases. Try to leave a little extra room, so they’ll have space to spread out and won’t have to pack everything back in their suitcase every day.

Give your guests a little space

Even friends so close they don’t mind crashing on your couch, appreciate a little privacy sometimes. You might want to retreat to your room a half hour or so before bedtime, to give them a little time to wind down on their own.

Anticipate your guests’ other needs, too

Clear a path to the nearest outlet so they can charge their phone. Write down the wi-fi network and password. Put out some extra towels. This kind of consideration will go a long way toward making them comfortable, even in a really small space.