Rescue Animals At Their Best!

There are people in this world who derive great satisfaction from rescuing animals and giving them a chance at a great life. These beautiful animals enrich the lives of those around them, and once they are in your life you don’t know how you lived without them.

Lauren is an animal lover doing extraordinary things to save the lives of cats in Saudi Arabia – and we have included some of her “favorite” pictures here. Some of these cats have found forever homes, and some are still waiting to fly to Canada and Australia for the chance at a better life.

Let’s celebrate these beautiful animals together.

Lost an eye when she was a kitten, now she is spoiled rotten!


First time on wheels!

Angel was recently sent to the US to an amazing family with I think now 4? Rescue dogs. We are so grateful to them for taking her on. All our rescues are looking for homes as we are in Saudi and sending them overseas as you can see on the go fund me link. It’s a lot of hard work

I know you gave a comfortable bed, but…