Couple Spends 26 Years Restoring Forest

It’s no secret that forests and animal habitats are diminishing, but this couple decided to take matters into own hands.

Dr. Anil Malhotra and his wife Pamela purchased 55 acres of private land in southern India back in 1991. The land they bought wasn’t exactly idyllic, as it suffered from extreme deforestation.

The couple is extremely proud of the transformation, and the results are truly staggering. They’ve spent years replanting the rainforest, and slowly but surely nature started to feel welcome on the land again. The amount of green increased, and wildlife slowly made its way back into the area.

Over the years, they devoted their lives for a better nature and environment in India. They now own more than 300 acres of ecologically protected land.

As you can imagine, replanting all these acres of land isn’t exactly an easy task. An incredible amount of time and energy went into the project, but luckily, Anil and Pamela could also count on the help of volunteers over the years.

At the moment, the land, now over 300 acres which Anil and Pamela now call SAI Sanctuary has an extensive amount of fauna and flora.

“I remember walking through the forest you wouldn’t hear anything but the sound of your own feet. Now the place is alive with sound,” Pamela recalls.

The land has also provided shelter for many endangered species, such as leopards, king cobras, Bengal tigers and river otters. Asian elephants also roam around in the area.


Before Anil and Pamela bought the property, the land was being used for the farming of rice, coffee, and cardamom. The years of farming use resulted in the land being completely deprived and abandoned – the complete opposite of the situation today.

The couple doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon, and they hope to expand their sanctuary even further. The entire area is open to visitors and you can also support Anil and Pamela by renting an eco-friendly cottage in the sanctuary.