How To Be A Great Leader Under Stress

Not everyone can be a leader, but great leadership is an impressive quality to have. There is no set guideline on how to be an effective leader, but there are qualities of good leadership that every effective leader should have.

One key aspect of good leadership is being able to handle stress. If you aren’t capable of handling stress, you’ll have a heard time leading a team, or responding to issues proactively. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind in order to do this effectively.

Be open

In a stressful situation, it’s okay to express emotion. Remember, you’re not a robot, so it’s perfectly acceptable to react. A good leader controls their emotions, so when you do react, a good leader will channel their emotions into something positive.

Work on your posture

You have to look the part to be an effective leader too, so never slouch or slump over. Stand straight, sit straight, and demand the authority you deserve as a leader.

Avoid over apologizing

This doesn’t mean distributing the blame to others, rather, it means don’t accept blame for things outside of your control or influence. Be confident in your leadership enough to acknowledge the mistake or error, and reassure your team that you’ve got things under control.

Take responsibility

Sometimes the mistake is completely your fault. As a leader, you can technically push blame to others, or even refuse to accept responsibility. A good leader however will take responsibility instead of passing the buck.