Making Sunday Meal Prepping Easier

If meal prep seems daunting or just doesn’t get you excited for one reason or another: you’re not alone. Here are some easier—and more fun—ways to get into planning and cooking your meals in advance, so you can actually stick with it.

Get Plenty of Containers You Love

If your plan is to prep all your meals in advance, you’re going to need a lot of Tupperware. Get good, sturdy containers that will last and are easy to take care of . Be sure to get enough containers for the week so you can portion out all of your breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. Include a lunch box or bag for taking your food to work with you, so make sure it’s something you won’t mind carrying around.

Find Recipes You’re Excited About

Try looking for  recipes that you’ve never made before. Just make sure they’re recipes that will store well, or that can be frozen.

Use Pre-Made Foods Whenever Possible

Buy pre-made foods, like a rotisserie chicken, and divide it up for the week rather than cooking chicken yourself. Look to the prepared foods section and the frozen section at your grocery store and get creative.

Freeze Meals (So You Can Change Things Up)

Instead of cooking multiple dishes for the week ahead, plan meals out of foods that can be easily frozen and saved for later instead, then stock up so you can choose different meals day-to-day.

It’ll take a few weeks before you have a stockpile of different dishes, but then you’ll be able to cook one set of meals for the week and swap out some of the dishes.

Tie It To Something Entertaining

Try tying the process to something you actually enjoy. Watch TV or bring your laptop to stream shows into your kitchen while you do your meal prep. An album or a playlist that you can sing along to while you get your meals together is also a plus. Whatever you love, find a way to incorporate it into your weekly meal prep time so you’ll actually look forward to it.