Struggles Every New Runner Understands

Below are a handful of struggles all new runners can relate to.

Getting winded in the first few minutes.

One of the most discouraging elements of getting into a running routine is realizing that you’re not as in shape as you thought you were. Just because you need those intermittent breaks doesn’t mean you aren’t a runner. Research shows that walking intervals during your run can help you maintain your overall pace.

Two words: Sore. Muscles.

The second-day pain is real. If you’re experiencing those achy muscles, try some post-run remedies. A little soreness is OK, but if the pain is more intense you may have sustained a running-related injury.

Feeling overwhelmed by the copious amount of races.

Color runs, beer runs, zombie runs, half marathons… the list is endless. However, there are some perks to picking a race. Signing up helps you set a goal as you get into a routine, plus there’s an opportunity to turn it into a social event by participating with your friends.

The boredom.

If you just can’t get excited by the process most of the time, you may want to try a more entertaining workout option. Exercise should be engaging, not mind-numbing.

Finding the perfect route.

Finding your favorite place to run is like finding a good apartment: It feels elusive until one day you hit the lottery. Whether you’re into lush scenery or a skyline, it’s important to find the routes that work for you in order to make the exercise entertaining.

Running toward (multiple) “finish lines.”

If you’ve ever uttered to yourself just one more pole, you’re not alone. In fact, picking out an arbitrary finish line on your run can improve your performance. Research shows those who stare at a target in the distance go faster and feel less exertion than those who don’t concentrate on anything.

Creating a playlist that keeps you motivated.

No, a simple music-streaming app won’t do when your lungs are on fire and your legs feel weak. You need that one specific song that will inspire you to “just keep going”.