Final Moments For A Police Horse

It’s easy to forget how animals play a special role not only in our hearts, but in our day to day safety. Service dogs, and in this case, horses assist the police forces and individuals that keep us safe everyday.

In the process, these officers and animals develop a very close bond, so it’s always sad when that bond has to come to an end. This was the case for Officer D. Herrejo and his partner, Charlotte. Together, this duo serviced the streets of Downtown Houston stopping crime.

Unfortunately, things came to an end for the duo one day when Charlotte was startled by a cement truck, and through off Officer Herrojo from her back. In the process, her hind legs were damaged severely, to the point where a veterinarian rolled that she would have to be euthanized. Her partner, Officer Herrejo was already in transit to the hospital when the decision was made for Charlotte to be euthanized. In his wake, another officer named Ronald Curry stayed with Charlotte during her final moments.

Many members of the public, along with Officer Herrejo were devastated by the event. Not every civilian or police officer gets to see active service animals in their community, but most people can relate to the feeling of losing a trusted companion. Our best wishes go out to Officer Herrejo and those impacted by this loss.