Give Interns Meaningful Work

Interns are often young, bright minds looking to get their foot in the door of their chosen industries, yet to often, they’re giving mind numbing mundane or unspecialized tasks and/or seen as a nuisance to manage. As an employer/company, why not fully take advantage of all this potential ingenuity?

This is advice that Elliot Holt, the founder of a medical-transcription company in Nashville, TN subscribes to. Initially as a business owner, Holt was apprehensive about the perceived benefit interns would bring to his company. Very soon after he accepted his first interns however, Holt now sees them as a valuable part of his company.

Getting the most out of your interns is all about giving them meaningful work according to Holt. Holt trains his interns like he would a perfect job candidate, which effectively allows him to build a skilled team of workers.

Much of Holts initial apprehension was due to time. As a busy business owner, he wasn’t sure if he had the time to dedicate towards teaching his interns. When he finally decided to do so however, he was pleasantly surprised to find out that these eager interns were driven enough to pick up the necessary knowledge in no time. Holt recommends that all entrepreneurs consider taking on interns and making good use of them. Giving his interns meaningful work and taking the time to teach them was an investment that produced more capable workers and more experienced students, a win-win for everyone!