Stop Wasting Money On Clothes

You spend hours trying on clothes, hundreds buying those clothes, then you open your closet and have, nothing worth wearing. Here are some common issues when dealing with clothing:

Go for Quality

Fast fashion is tempting, but cheaper clothes usually mean cheaper material and construction. Fast pieces  wear out quickly. So when you open your closet doors and look at them, you skip them because they’re faded, worn out, or dated.

Quality doesn’t have to be expensive. Find secondhand quality clothing items at consignment stores or even on eBay. You likely spend a lot of time digging for fast fashion, so save some time and money and buy better, fewer pieces you’ll actually wear.

Consider your lifestyle.

Your lifestyle dictates your clothing needs. Maybe you are a busy mom, are pregnant, or work from home. Age makes a difference, too. Someone in their 30s has different needs than someone in their 50s. If you buy the majority of your clothes for a fantasy version of your life, instead of the reality, you’ll end up with a lot of clothes to store and nothing to wear.

Consider the following when making a purchase: how you spend your day-to-day, how many similar items you already have, and what the climate is like where you live.

Take Care of Your Stuff

Finally, maybe you have nothing to wear because all of the stuff you love to wear is destroyed. Maybe moth holes keep appearing on favorite sweaters, or maybe you keep shrinking your tops, or maybe you’re just too lazy to iron.

It helps to understand the basics of clothing care, which seems simple — toss your clothes in the washer and press the button — but there’s a little more to it than that.

If possible, avoid the dryer.  You definitely want to keep delicates, like bras, out of the dryer. You may want to invest in a few clothing care tools, too, like moth balls, dryer balls, and garment bags.