Exercises For Walking Faster And Longer

Weakness and improved balance can be trained with exercises to help you walk faster and for longer distances.

Bridging – This exercise strengthens your Gluteus Maximus, which is important for keeping your body up straight and is one of your major propulsion muscles.

*Lie on your back, both knees bent.

*Lift your bottom,  hold for 3 sec, then lower.

*Repeat for 8-10 times.


Calf strength – Calf muscles are important for propulsion and stabilizing muscles of the foot. Weakness of these muscles means slower reaction to uneven ground.

*Stand up next to the wall, hands up against it to balance.

*Lift your heels up to come up onto your toes, hold for 5 seconds, then lower

*Repeat for 10-15 times


Squats – Quadriceps are important for walking, getting up and down off the ground and being able to walk up and down hills.

*Stand with your back to the wall, feet out away from the wall about 30 cm.

*Lower your body down, until your knee are bent to about 45 deg, keeping back against the wall.

*Hold for 5 seconds and then return up.

*Repeat 10 times


Heel-toe walking – As balance worsens, you will notice that your walking stance becomes wider and steps become smaller. This slows your ability to react to uneven ground.

*Find a line on the ground

*Practice walking with one foot in front of the other

*Perform this exercise for two minutes


Standing on one leg – When you walk you spend 80% of your time standing on one leg, so it is a very important skill to have.

*Stand in a door frame and support with your hands.

*Lift one leg off the ground, and then let go of one hand, then the other hand

*Maintain this one legged stance for 5 sec, then 10 seconds when confident.

*You can also slowly take your hands further away from the door frame as you become more confident.