Dog Goes Crazy About Being Adopted

It’s a sad reality that many domesticated animals have to face, but ultimately, not every potential pet gets adopted. Most of us have a special place in our hearts for pets like dogs and cats, but there’s always been more pets to adopt that people willing or able to adopt them.

Animals who make it to shelters have a chance at adoption, but due to space constraints and costs, several animals are put down each year. Shelters can only accept and care for so many animals before it becomes uneconomical, and so euthanization is a controversial, but ultimately effective means of dealing with this. Benny, an 8 month old pit bull, would likely have faced this fate being an animal from a traditionally high-kill facility.

Luckily for him, a family looking for a pit bull decided to adopt him! You can see this touching moment below on video. When he finds out he’s being adopted, Benny can hardly contain his excitement at meeting his new family! Sadly enough however for many of the animals at Benny’s old shelter, adoptions like Benny’s are the exception and not the rule. Hopefully, more and more families like Benny’s elect to adopt their future pets.