Give Up This Plastic Product


It can be overwhelming to think about the amount of plastic waste that we humans contribute to the world’s oceans and wildlife preserves on a daily basis – so overwhelming in fact that many of us don’t make changes in our personal lives to combat it. This is totally understandable, but of course it isn’t any way to live a purposeful life. To get started, cut out one item that is bad for the environment completely. We suggest cotton swabs.

That’s right, those little plastic sticks with cotton on the ends; you know, the ones you aren’t supposed to use in your ears but totally do. The cotton is biodegradable, of course, because it comes from a plant, but the plastic sticks are just one of many little household items that end up in our oceans, adding up to a huge amount of plastic every year.


This photo says it all. When we put plastic into the oceans, it doesn’t break down, so animals and plant life have to adapt or die, and sometimes attempting the former leads to the latter. This little seahorse would usually be attached to seagrass or kelp, but now he may be drifting aimlessly away from food sources and familiar habitats.

Johnson & Johnson, the makers of Q-Tips, have realized the crisis and changed the sticks of their cotton swabs to paper, but this is only available in some countries. Until each person worldwide decides to make small changes in their lives and stop consuming so much plastic, large companies such as this one will be hard pressed to modify their products across the board.