Benefit The Earth By Going Green

Going green an essential part of preserving the earth. Here are a few easy ways of reducing the carbon footprint you’re creating on the world.

Energy saving lightbulbs

Installing energy saving light bulbs in every room in your house will dramatically reduce the energy you’re using. In turn, this will also lower your electric bill too.

Solar panels

Solar panels absorb natural light and convert it into electricity that you can use within your home. They’re installed on your roof, ensuring that they hit direct light all day.

Halogen heaters

Halogen heaters are powered by electricity, and one small heater will comfortably heat a medium sized room. They cost pennies to run per hour too, so less energy and money is being spent.

Gadgets and tech

When a piece of equipment isn’t in use, consider unplugging it from the wall, or switching it off. Make this a habit because it will make the world of difference.


Not nearly enough people on the planet recycle. It’s so easy to do, whether putting an empty wrapper in the correct recycling bin, or reusing an empty bottle. You can upcycle furniture to refresh it, and recycle clothing by handing it down to someone who would wear it more, or tearing it up to be used as cloths for cleaning your home.


Be wary of what product you use because many products on the market are still harmful to our environment. Deodorant sprays are a prime example of a harmful product. It may not harm us, but it pollutes the air and ruins the ‘O Zone’ that’s protecting our world. Try switching to roll on deodorant.

Teach the whole family

Having the whole family involved in keeping our green earth will not only benefit us all, but it can be a fun thing to do for children. Chores like recycling could be made into games, or competitions. This will ensure that it will turn into a lifestyle option, and not something the family gives up on quickly. Love The Planet!