Crazy Expensive (And Weird!) Foods

Rich people are weird, everyone acknowledges it. When you have money to literally light your cigars with, you end up spending it some pretty odd, and sometimes pretty incredible things. When you can afford the most expensive foods in the world, for example, you might find yourself paying $75 for a bag of coffee or $1,000 for a pound of mushrooms! Read on for some of the most expensive (and weirdest) foods world-wide!

The coffee we mentioned is Civet coffee, and, well… it may be the oddest item on our list. A civet is an animal that looks like a cat but is more closely related to a mongoose, and they eat coffee berries among other things. They discard the whole means through their… ahem… waste, which is then collected, cleaned, and dry roasted for what is apparently a very smooth and less bitter cup of coffee… at $75 / 9oz.

Saffron may be the most expensive spice; the distinctive red “strings” can go for about $300 / oz! However, the world’s most expensive food goes to Belugan caviar, which comes from a sturgeon native to Iran a kilogram of the stuff goes for around $28K (maybe because it’s made from a fish native to a desert region)!!

Truffles are a known delicacy of the rich, and as we mentioned, Japanese black truffles (also called Matsasuke) go for about $1,000 / lb! However, some varieties of white truffles go for almost $1,400, making it a very expensive fungi! Which of these would you try if you were crazy rich?