How To Build Up Your Core

Developing a stable core is more than just strong ab workouts. As it turns out, there’s way more to it than that. When you’re training your core, it’s important to implement natural mobility into your workout, such as bending and extending.

To accomplish this, a stability ball can be pretty useful. It’ll allow for an increased range of motion in your spain, better lumbar support, increased balance, and enhanced motor learning.

Remember, your core is the foundation for all of your bodies movement. To strengthen it, it’s best to incorporate a full body workout plan centered around developing the core. Here are some exercises you can implement.

Oblique Curl

Take a staggered stance and rotate your hips to one side. Put one arm to the and wedge your lower hip into your stability ball. Roll the ball side to side.

Lateral Trunk Flexion

This exercise is great for working on your quads and obliques. Lie down sideways with your hips pressed into the ball and try to remain balanced while widening your legs.

Trunk Extension with Rotation

This is an ideal exercise for upping your muscular endurance and strength. Start by kneeling on the floor with your lower torso over the ball, and your forehead against the back of your hand. Thrust downward with your midsection into the ball and extend your spine slowly, while rotating side to side.