How To Live Like The 1%

The 1% have it pretty good for good reason. It’s simple, if you want to live like the 1%, emulate them in all the ways you can. Of course, you likely can’t emulate the more luxurious aspects of their lifestyles, but hey, if you follow these tips, who’s to say that you won’t be able to one day right?

Sleep is for the weak

Well actually everyone needs to sleep, you know…occasionally. With that being said, think about how much sleep you actually get. Maybe it’s 7 hours, or maybe only 3-4 hours a night if you’re lucky. Whatever the case may be, when you’re sleeping, you’re not getting any work done. Chances are if you find yourself getting tons of sleep every night, you’re not working hard enough. Again, sleep is pretty important, just understand that the time you’ll inevitably spend during the day not working, coupled with the time you’ll inevitably spend sleeping, can really limit the amount of time you have to be productive while awake.

Aim to be the best

This step takes confidence, and then combines that with executional excellence. Executional excellence and confidence are all necessary to be the best, and who do you know that’s the best? That’s right, the top 1%

Make your work time playtime

Your profession doesn’t have to feel like work. In fact, something that the 1% has in common with themselves is that they have jobs that they enjoy and have a passion for. When your work is your passion, it stops feeling like work.

Outsource like a boss

Are you part of the 1%? If your answer is no, congratulations, you’re part of the 99% that works for them. If that doesn’t make you happy, take a moment to consider the benefits of outsourcing. You can make money and resources, you can’t however make time. Spend your valuable time doing the things that only you can do, outsource everything else to the other members of the 99% on the cheap. Before you know it, you’ll be a 1% percenter too!