Energy Education

Protecting our environment is a huge job. As a result, it takes everyone doing their part for this to happen. From individuals, to large corporations that use tons of resources every year. Aflac seems to be taking their responsibility to heart with a bit of help from Georgia Power.

Georgia Power performed Aflac’s corporate energy audit, essentially determining Aflac’s energy costs, usages, and dependencies. For corporations, energy audits are great ways to cut down on waste, excessive spending and pollution. Aflac employees also got free education on efficient energy usage and saving.

This is pretty important, especially since the most the average person can do for the environment is typically to curtail their own waste. In addition, saving energy is cost effective, and thanks to modern technology, cost efficient too.

If you aren’t an Aflac employee, the good news is that you can access free information on saving energy from Georgia Power’s website. You can also learn more about the ways Aflac is helping the environment by going here