London Gets It’s Own Zero Waste Grocery Store

Sustainability is taking huge steps forward. There are tons of ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle, and zero waste shopping locations are turning out to be one of them. Zero waste means zero plastic or paper bags, and no excessive packaging. Take the Bulk Market in Hackney, London for instance. Food items are placed in glass jars and bulk dispensers. These are all items that can be reused in the future to store more items.

The best part? The products themselves are free from brand names and locally sourced. This way, profits stay within the community, and money that would otherwise be wasted on transportation and branding is saved!

The store owner, Ingrid Caldironi, faced challenges initially trying to adopt a zero waste lifestyle. It’s otherwise inconvenient to not use a plastic bag at a traditional grocery store for example. Rather than complain of submit to an wasteful lifestyle, Caldironi took it upon herself to create the Bulk Market and bring her aspirations to fruition.

So far, her endeavours have been well received. While the Bulk Market doesn’t have a physical location just yet, Ingrid has the support of her community, and the know how to go from pop up grocery store to brick and mortar. We’ll stay tuned to see her progress!s