What To Eat Before You Workout

What we should eat before a workout to get the best results has been a source of contention for many years. The New York Times weighed in a couple of years ago with an article that stated that athletes who eat a diet of 85% fat have more improvement over those that eat the traditional heavy-carb diet.

In a way, it makes sense. Carbs are quickly broken down by the body as sugar, which allows people to use the energy quickly and without effort. Fats, on the other hand, have to be broken down as fatty acids before the body can use them up as energy, and this is a long process. If you eat mostly fats, your body begins a process called ketoadaption, which helps speed up the process of fat-to-fuel conversion.

However, this process only happens over the course of many weeks. Also, a lot of us like to think of ourselves as athletes, but we’re kidding ourselves. The athletes that the New York Times was referring to are professionals, people who run the equivalent of a marathon a week as their jobs. Normal people still get the best results from their workouts by eating carbs beforehand and accessing the easy energy.

That’s not to say you should cut fats out of your diet entirely. Both carbs and fat should comprise about 25% of your diet eat day, but it may help to regulate when you consume them. Do carbs and caffeine before a workout for energy, fats and proteins after to sustain you throughout the day, with fruits and veggies peppered in at every meal.