Yes, You Should Check Your Receipts

In a bid to save money, we’ll clip coupons, wait for sales, bundle our rewards, and in some cases, drive further or even wait longer. After all, nobody wants to spend more on the things they need than they have too right?

Despite all this, how many of us actually check our receipts after we’re done shopping? It might sound like an extra hassle, but you’re already going out of your way to save money anyway, (or at least you should be) so why not do it right?

Accidental double rings, or even intentional price overcharging can completely ruin whatever benefits coupon clipping and sales can provide for you. Just ask some of Whole Food’s customers. Their locations in New York City are currently being sued for overcharging customers. Many of the overpricing that happened was pretty subtle too, and Whole Food’s isn’t exactly the first place price conscious shoppers go for their groceries. Worse came to worse, and these particular locations unfairly took advantage of that.

Now this isn’t the case at every grocery store, and there’s no need to breathe down your cashiers neck either, but you should be mindful. Always try to make sure that your items are ringing up at the advertised price. Also be sure to make sure you aren’t being double charged for items accidentally. Mistakes happen, but that doesn’t mean you should bear the consequences. If you don’t catch the mistake, nobody else will, so do yourself (and your wallet) a favor and check those receipts!