The Best Time To Exercise


Many, many people have tried to figure out when the best and most effective time to exercise is. There are proponents of the early morning cardio, people who swear by the late night sweat-fest, and those who say mid-afternoon is when you’ll see the most results. The real answer? It all depends on what works best for you.

No, seriously. While it’s true that some foods are easier to burn off than others, and that some exercises will work out different parts of your body, a basic fact is that weight loss = calories burned > calories consumed. In other words, you have to eat less food than you exercise off or use during the day.

When you do that is up to you. Morning exercisers tend to be very consistent about their routines and find that they have less distractions during them. However, if you’re lightheaded in the morning or simply not an early bird, there’s nothing wrong with waiting until the afternoon or evening. People who do find that their exercises help them unwind and let go of the day. Their muscles are already warmed up and they’re more likely to have food in their stomachs, which is a huge energy booster.

However, sometimes your schedule is all over the place and you can’t really pinpoint a time to workout consistently. In that case, we recommend accepting the best of both worlds and doing cardio on the mornings when you’re able, and catching a yoga class on your free evenings. Make exercise a priority in your schedule and you’ll start feeling (and seeing!) the benefits fast!