Tips For Airbnb Dominance

Thanks to Airbnb, renting out extra space has never been easier. You can rent out an extra room, or even your entire home whenever you want to, and at prices you determine. If you’re a homeowner looking to pick up a little residual income, here’s a few tips for creating a killer Airbnb listing.

Tip #1

Put yourself in the shoes of potential residents. You wouldn’t want to pay good money to live in a messy, cluttered home right? In that case, make sure your listing photos look appealing. You want to declutter your entire space so that it looks open and inviting.

Tip #2

Remember, your selling points are your pictures. Staging goes a long way towards getting future residents interested. Great lighting, well placed flowers and ornaments, and tasteful interior design will get potential residents interested, and will help justify your pricing. Remember, you have competition, so the more appealing you can make your space look, the better.

Tip #3

If you plan on sharing your space on Airbnb, do your best to protect your belongings. Lock up your valuables someplace that your residents can’t access. If you don’t have a secure place to lock your belongings, consider investing in a lock box or a vault. Keep good people honest by eradicating any temptations to steal your belongings.

Tip #4

Common sense goes a long way. Remember, you’re inviting strangers into your home. Sure they’re paying strangers, but you still need to do your own due diligence. Check their Airbnb verifications, call in advance, and when in doubt, ask questions.