Now You Can Tip Your Doctor

When was the last time you tipped your dentist or doctor?

If you’re like 99.9% of people, probably never. And you probably don’t plan on doing that anytime soon. Outside of waiters, cab drivers, and valets, most professions don’t enjoy tips from the customers. At least, until now.

Square, a leading payment processing company, is now allowing business to accept tips through their point of sale systems. Tipping is quickly becoming a more accepted way of expressing gratitude in industries where tipping isn’t really all that common. Through the system, a business can chose where to prompt the user to tip, and how much to suggest.

Surprisingly enough, this feature is becoming increasingly properly among professional services providers. Would you tip your lawyer or accountant? Even if you never have, consider if that was because there was never any encouragement to do so.

This feature is all about giving customers and business more options. Customers can elect not to tip, and business can elect whether or not this option is presented to the customer at all.

So far, this feature has been something of a hit, with tip frequencies increasing 35%.