Update On The FTC

The Federal Trade Commission takes an annual poll of complaints from Americans (eek! what a job!) and this year, the top issue we had was identity theft. It’s no surprise, considering the revelations of the massive Equifax leak and the idea the possibly as many as 1 in 2 Americans’ identities are not secure.

However, having your identity stolen is only part of the picture. Identity theft can also effect you if a person is impersonating someone to you on the internet. They may call pretending to be debt collectors or other officials, or they may approach you in a more friendly way. Either way, last year the Federal Trade Commission received 160,000 complaints of these or a similar nature.

The lesson Americans have had to learn recently – and it’s been a hard one – is how to identify who and what is real. For example, if the IRS calls to collect a debt, they will first notify you through the mail. Through real, physical mail. They’ll also never as for a debt or money wiring. Americans have had to get savvy very quickly, and they’ve been complaining to the FTC consistently about it.

Other popular complaints include telephone and mobile services, banks and lenders, and debt collection, all of which are mostly classic offenders for the Federal Trade Commission.