How To Have Fun On A Budget

Fun doesn’t always have to be expensive. Sure, almost nothing beats a night of frivolous shopping or fancy eating, but there’s a lot of fun to be had on the cheap as well. Here are a few ideas on ways to have fun without hurting your bank account to much.

Grab A Good Book

Reading can be a lot of fun if you find the right book. Print books, ebooks, newspapers, magazines, whatever you can find works. There are tons of free ebooks to access online, and you can even find new publications at your local library for free.

Host A Get Together

Hanging out with friends can get pretty expensive. If you think about it, dinner and a movie for a friend group of 6 can easily cost the entire party $200-$300 just for a night out. A get together at someone’s house can be significantly cheaper though. Everyone can bring a dish from home to share, and one Netflix subscription (~$8) means tons of great movies for everyone to enjoy together.


Most cities have free museums, botanical gardens and aquariums. If you’re looking for some fun or to pass the time, a quick visit to these venues can be costless and enjoyable.

Cheap Out

You can still enjoy activities and experiences that cost money while being savvy about how you enjoy them. Check Groupon for deals on outing and restaurant. Go to cheaper movie theaters or even dollar theaters. Instead of hitting up a five star restaurant, consider eating at a cheaper fast food joint.

Take Alternate Transportation

If you plan on going far for your entertainment, or you don’t have a car and you’d have to Uber, consider taking public transport instead. It’s a cheaper, albeit slightly less convenient way to get around. Alternatively, if you’re going to an outing with friends, carpool and split gas costs.