Money Isn’t The Only Factor For Success

Chasing success is great, in fact everyone should want to be more successful than they already are. However many people tend to confuse chasing success with chasing money, which can be a pretty bad idea. Successful people tend to have a lot of money, so this confusion makes sense, but not everyone with money would consider themselves successful. Rather, money tends to be a symptom of success rather than a cause.

Getting money is pretty difficult, so while you can put in all the effort, the results are by no means guaranteed. If the root of your efforts are based in your desire for money, it’s easy to become frustrated and angry when you’re not seeing the financial fruits of your labor. However, even monetary success can be an illusion. If you’re not happy with who you are or what you do, no amount of money is really going to change that. In fact, if you based your future happiness on how much money you planned on one day having, you’ll likely feel lost once you reach that goal and discover how empty it can feel to be rich without contentment.

The solution? Passion and priorities. The rich find a way to get money. The rich and successful find a way to add value. If you’re creating something or doing something that you care about, or doing something that adds value to the life of others, you’re on the right track. The next step is monetizing your passion. Therefore your goal shouldn’t be to have money, but rather to find your passion, and find a way to make money doing it it. Yes you’ll work hard, yes you’ll have financial ups and downs, but if you’re doing something that you care about, it’s a lot easier to grit your teeth and embark on the journey.