European EV Competition Heats Up

One of the biggest inhibitors to the spread of electric vehicles is the lack of a reliable charging network across the world. Gas stations are entrenched in our culture, but alternate fuel stations are not, and until that changes, EVs will always be a novelty item. In the U.S. heavy hitter Tesla is rapidly changing the landscape with their superchargers, and in Europe, the advance is lead by a coalition of automakers and battery companies.

BMW, The Volkswagen Group, and Daimler, among others, plan to build a charging network along major routes and thoroughfares across the continent. They are starting right in the middle (not surprising, given the German nature of many of the companies) with Germany, Austria, and Norway, and intend to have 20 stations ready to go by the end of this year.

In the next three years, they hope to increase that number to 400.

However, the aforementioned Tesla also has big plans for Europe, and won’t yield to this coalition just because they’re the home team. Tesla recently announced a huge supercharger station in Norway, with 42 stalls and 145kW capacity. Still, the competition is bound to be fierce, which can only be good for EV consumers – and the planet. We’re excited to see where these powerhouses of industry go next!