It’s Hard To Not Spend Money

Even the most frugal spender would tell you that it’s almost impossible to go a significant amount of time without spending money. When we were kids, it seemed like $10 dollars could stretch over an entire month (heck sometimes several months), but as adults many of us will regularly spend that much before lunchtime.


So could your average person go a full month without spending any money?

Probably not, after all most of us have phone bills, car payments, insurance payments, rent, basic food necessities, etc. Now how about if you take these essentials into account? Let’s break things down. Let’s say your average monthly expenses look like this:

Rent: $1200

Utlities: $180

Car Insurance: $50

Phone Bill: $80

Essential Food Costs: $500

Total Expenses Per Month: $2010

Notice a category missing? Most people would allocate a miscellaneous category for unforeseen expenses in their monthly budget, like an occasional cup of coffee at Starbucks, or maybe a movie with friends. Could you cut those expenses out of your budget completely and essentially go a month only paying essential expenses?

For Jeff Vrabel, a brave individual who tried to go a month without spending money, this turned out to be a resounding no. During the course of this experiment he spent his money a little bit more conservatively than normal, but he wasn’t able to completely cut out unnecessary expenses at all. Sometime, the urge to pick up a quick snack, the necessity of buying a gift, or a deal simply too good to pass up got in the way of his ambitions.

Whatever the situation may be, it’s clear that committing to not spending any money outside of necessities can be insanely difficult. Instead, focus on smarter spending habits. Finding cheaper ways to indulge yourself makes for a far better (and more attainable) alternative.