Largest Wind Turbine EVER

Germany has broken a new record in the pursuit of green energy: the central European country is now home to the largest wind turbine in the world! The towering metal structure is 584 feet high, an astounding height that becomes 808.7 feet when one of the three blades is pointed straight up.

The turbine, which stands as part of four in the German town of Gaildorf, was built by Max Bögl Wind AG. The quartet should produce about 10,500 MWh per year (which is about the energy that 1,050 houses in the U.S. would use). This is all due to height: with every additional meter in turbine height, the energy output increased by roughly .75% (because if higher wind speeds and less air turbulence).

The project wasn’t cheap, however. It rang it at around $81 million, and it’s return is only about $7.6 million / year. While it will certainly make a profit one day, that definitely qualifies as a long term investment. However, the investment isn’t only in value, but in the planet and the people of Germany and the rest of the world.

Globally, wind farms have prevented over 600 million tons of pollutants from entering the atmosphere, and every year that number only gets higher as more and more are built. Larger and more efficient turbines may be the way to go – once we see how Gaildorf likes theirs!