Maid Of Honor Carries Dying Dog Down The Aisle Of Her Sister’s Wedding And Not A Dry Eye Is In Sight

When Kelly O’Connell was marrying the man of her dreams, James Garvin, she knew exactly who she wanted by her side- her 15-year-old lab mix named Charlie. Charlie had been by her side for so many big moments in her life that Kelly couldn’t wait to share her wedding with him, too. But at 15 years old, Charlie was diagnosed with a brain tumor just 5 months before Kelly’s wedding and Kelly wasn’t sure if her best friend would be able to make it.

Kelly and Charlie first met when he was just 12 weeks old and she 19 years old. Charlie had been found abandoned in a shopping cart and was brought to the animal shelter where Kelly was working. She wasn’t looking for a dog at the time, but it was love at first sight. Kelly said,”I was 19, still living with my parents and going to college. It was the worst time in my life to even attempt to get a dog… He came in, and I was like, ‘Yup. I’m taking this puppy home.’” The best friends were inseparable, even when Kelly moved from New York to Colorado.

When the wedding day finally arrived, Charlie was there. Before the ceremony began, Charlie hobbled his way down to the aisle, but as soon as the ceremony began, he couldn’t find the strength to stand and walk the length of the aisle behind Kelly.

Disney World’s New Nighttime Light Show Will Feature Dozens Of Drones

A whole new world. A dazzling place I never knew. But when I’m way up here. It’s crystal clear…That now I’m in a whole new world with you.

If you just sang that out loud, you’re probably thinking of Aladdin and Jasmine’s stunning magic carpet ride. Wasn’t it amazing?!

Well, prepare yourself for a whole new show because Disney World has a new night time light spectacular! Not only will you get to enjoy beloved Disney classics, but Disney is gearing up with high tech illuminated drones to make the high flying show even more magical.

“This holiday season, the idea of ‘wishing upon a star’ will take on an even more magical meaning in the skies of Disney Springs,” Disney wrote in a  recent blog post.  Disney Springs is a the shopping district inside Walt Disney World Florida. The shopping district isn’t a part of the theme park, which means you’ll be able to take in the new night time show without having to purchase a ticket.

The new drone show has been in the works since 2014, but obtaining FAA permission was a little tricky. After 9/11 all airspace above theme parks was deemed a no-fly zone, including drones.  

Disney hasn’t stated when the new show will officially kick off, but we can’t wait! Get a first look sneak peek at the new dazzling light show here.

Heroic UFC Fighter Miesha Tate She Helps Carry Injured 6-Year-Old Girl Down A Mountain

If you haven’t heard of MMA, UFC fighter, and former Bantamweight (126-135lbs) champion Miesha Tate,  you should take some notes.


Miesha was recently out hiking Nevada’s Mt. Charleston when she came across a young girl named Kai, who broke her arm while hiking. She noticed that her mom was struggling to carry her daughter back down the mountain to seek medical care, so she stepped up to the plate asking if she could help to carry Kai down the mountain.


Meisha posted to her Facebook, “The mother asked her 6-year-old daughter ‘would you rather have me or her carry you down’ without hesitation (to my surprise) she quickly replied ‘I want HER to carry me’ we had to laugh.”


Could you blame her? Look at those muscles! There was still at least 2 miles of trail to cover before they would make it back down, but Meisha’s determination and strength were unwavering.


After seeking medical treatment for their daughter, Kai’s mom shared her appreciation on social media. “Our family can’t thank you enough for all the help. You saved us easily hours of hiking and helped us get her to the hospital sooner.” Meisha might be tough as nails in that octagon, but she’s also an extremely kind spirit.


This isn’t the first time Miesha put on her hero cape. In 2014, she saved the life of her longtime boyfriend Bryan Caraway’s mother while they were vacationing in Mexico. When they were out diving, his mom suffered a serious asthma attack and was unable to breath or use her inhaler. Meisha put the inhaler to her own mouth performed mother mouth-to-mouth. It worked!

This woman is kicking butt and saving lives proving that not all heroes wear capes, some really awesome ones wear UFC belts.

New App Lets You Buy Leftover Food From Restaurants For Cheap

Usually when it comes to leftovers, you either love them or you hate them, but that was before Too Good To Go (TGTG) stepped on the scene. TGTG is an app that was founded in Denmark and has since made it’s way to the UK. The app allows users to order leftover food from restaurants for cheap.

TGTG’s mission is, “to place the lost value back onto food as something that should be eaten and not thrown away. Through the TGTG app, we’re raising awareness of food waste by making surplus restaurant food available for collection before a restaurant closes its breakfast, lunch or dinner service.”  

According to TGTG co-founder, James Crummie, “food waste just seems like one of the dumbest problems we have in this world. The restaurant industry is wasting about 600,000 tonnes of food each year, and in the UK alone there are one million people on emergency food parcels from food banks. Why do we have these two massive social issues that are completely connected, yet there is not much going on to address them?”

With TGTG everyone wins! TGTG earns money from each sale, and restaurants using the app are able to generate revenue by selling food that would have been thrown out otherwise. Then users order leftover food at a discount from restaurants, and food is donated to those in need. If thats not enough, TGTG is also all about being eco friendly. The packing used by TGTG is 100% recyclable. Social good that tastes good, what more could you want?

According the the app’s website, over 5000 meals have been saved, and more than 1,100 meals have been donated. While this isn’t the first program of it’s kind in Europe, we hope finds it’s way across the pond. In the United States it is estimated that 40% percent of food goes uneaten while roughly 12 million families struggle with hunger.

Michael Phelps’ Secret Wedding

Fastest swimmer in the world Michael Phelps totally slipped one by us! Everyone is raving about Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson wedding pictures. But did you know that the couple were actually already legally married?! The two wed in secret way back in June in Paradise Valley, Arizona. According to TMZ, the pair got their marriage license on June 9th, married on June 13th in Arizona, and received their record on June 15th. Phelps’ agent and and close friend, Peter Carlisle, officiated the ceremony.

Months after tying the officially knot, the couple had a stunning ceremony in Mexico. 

My best friend…. I love you!!

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Truly the happiest day of my life @m_phelps00 thank you @boonestudios for capturing this day 😘

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In a Facebook post Michael said, “You guys probably already saw the article that was posted. I’ve been married for a while, been married for a while, couple months. I had to keep it secret from y’all. I had to keep it hush-hush from you guys. Nicole and I are married. We are officially married.” Michael also hinted at the fact that he and Nicole may be trying a second Phelps baby.

My happy lil family 😍 @m_phelps00 #proudfiancé #family #bestfriend

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 Adorable baby, beautiful couple, olympic medals, world records, beauty pageant title, and now newlywed bliss, is there anything they don’t have?! Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Phelps!