People From This Small Village Live To Be 100

Living to be 100 years old is something to marvel at, but living to be a century and in great health is even more astonishing. Scientist are baffled by residents in the small village of Acciaroli, Italy. The town has a population of 2,000 and boast about 300 elders who have reached the age of 100 with 20 percent of them reaching 110.

“For us, it’s natural,” Acciaroli Mayor Stefano Pisani told CBS. “We have many people living 100 years.”   Many of them say they feel young and need little to no assistance to complete daily tasks. According to New York Post the small village, located on the country’s southern coast, has prompted researchers to study the residents way of life and figure out why they live so long.

One secret they’ve found is rosemary, they grow the herb and use it as a garnish or in oils. The herb prevents diseases such as Alzheimer’s and improves brain function and memory. Researchers also attribute the residents good health to their diet of fresh fish and locally grown fruits and vegetables. Despite a diet filled with wine and cigarettes, they have less Alzheimer’s, cataracts and bone fractures, according to Dr. Alan Maisel a cardiologist and professor at the University of California, San Diego.

“We don’t see any heart failure, they have high blood pressure, but the heart seems good in practically everybody we’ve measured. So there’s something there,” Maisel said.

It also helps that the residents live a tranquil laid back lifestyle and live in an untouched utopia. Acciaroli doesn’t have a lot of industry so the air they breath is unpolluted, as well as gorgeous weather, mild temperatures, Mediterranean breezes and lots of sunshine.

We are definitely taking notes as we could learn from these wise elders.  

Lupita Nyong’o Celebrates 3 Million Followers On Instagram With Original Rap

Lupita Nyong’o never ceases to amaze, constantly proving to the world there’s nothing she can’t do, from being a graduate of Yale to landing multiple awards for her breakout role in 12 Years a Slave, to even being on the cover of popular magazines to  becoming the face Lancome and Tiffany & Co.

She has recently added MC to her resume via Instagram. That’s right Nyong’o in all her grace is also a talented rapper!

Honored to be honored by #legendarystyle @tiffanyandco at #TIFF2016! #blueboxboundaries

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To celebrate hitting 3 million followers the social media platform Instagram, the Queen of Katwe star decided to celebrate with by introducing the world to her alter ego “Troublemaker.” And she doesn’t disappoint!  

I'm thrilled to celebrate 3 million followers with this special edition of #FanArtFriday! Thank you, @instagram. #Regram "Actress Lupita Nyong'o's (@lupitanyongo) #FanArtFriday series began on a whim. "I think the first fan art I saw was an illustration of me in my red cape after the Golden Globes in 2014," says Lupita, seen here with a piece by artist Donald Robertson (@drawbertson) that was inspired by the "Queen of Katwe" actress's colorful red carpet looks. As a thank you, Lupita began highlighting a new piece of art on her account each week. "There are paintings. There are mosaics. There are pencil drawings. I thought it was a really cool way just to showcase artists. And it adds that special touch to a moment in my life, as well.” Art by @drawbertson. Photo by @lupitanyongo"

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In the Instagram video, Nyong’o can be seen sitting in a vehicle wearing big cat-eye sunglasses showing off a playful side of her we rarely get to see. In her rhymes, she lays out her resume and countless accomplishments.  “Lancôme fresh faced, looking tailor-made, Disney on the books so you know I stay paid,” she raps over a slow piano loop.”

Introducing my alter ego TROUBLEMAKER. Lyrics: @robynhoodfanz Director: @katiecm @queenofkatwemovie #3million

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In the video’s caption Nyong’o credits her friend, New York actress, Miriam A. Hyman for the well written lyrics and Katelyn Manley, as the director. We hope to see more of “Troublemaker” in the future.  

Loofas Have More Bacteria Than You Think

Everyone loves a good loofah; red loofahs, orange loofahs, soft loofahs, hard loofahs, etc. But, what you may not know is that your loofah is basically a toxic germ colony according to the Journal of Clinical Microbiology. That’s right, those hour long showers are not getting you as clean as you may think. Super gross, we know.

That same some study, conducted in 1994,  went in depth in explaining how findings showed loofahs make the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Those cute little scrubbers transmit potentially pathogenic species of bacterial flora to the skin and in some cases can cause infection.

The concept of the loofah is to exfoliate dead skin cells, but in doing so those cells get caught in the crevices of the sponge. Once left to “dry” in the environment of the shower, which is often humid and damp, the bacteria multiplies and feeds on the organic matter trapped in the loofah. The bacteria will continue to bloom if the sponge is not regularly disinfected.

According to Dermatologist Dr Michele Green, M.D.,  loofahs and shower sponges are not great for the skin and continuing to use a contaminated loofah will only make things worse. “You spread the bacteria that you washed off your body the last time,” Dr. Green explained. Your wonderfully scented body wash may leave you feeling clean, but if you’re using that sponge for  months on end, clean will only be a feeling and not reality.

Dermatologist recommend replacing your loofah or sponge every three weeks. Stay clean people and throw that loofah out!

Thousands Of Red Poppies Spill Out Of Welsh Castle To Remember World War 1 Soldiers

A beautiful display of red poppies in Wales is leaving people awe struck and stopping them in their tracks.  Nigel Hinds, the executive producer of the exhibition, created it to honor World War 1 Soldiers.The artwork is called Weeping Window as the flowers are pouring out from a window.

“We have got over 5,000 poppies here, representing probably a fraction of the Royal Welch Fusiliers who died in the First World War,” said Tom Pipe, the projects Designer. The work marks the centenary of the Battle of the Somme, which was a battle where Welsh fusiliers played an important role.

A portion of the flowers come from a sculpture that was a part of a show at the 2014 Tower of London show which attracted five million visitors. Paul Cummins the creator the project created over 800,000 poppies;  each red flower was handmade and represents the death of a member of the Allied forces.

“The poppies have a remarkable ability to bring generations together to share stories of the First World War,” said Hinds. “Caernarfon Castle is a poignant and fitting place for Weeping Window to be presented as part of its tour of the UK.”

Pregnant Dog Gets Her Own Maternity Photo Shoot

Maternity photos capture the beauty of pregnancy. They display the love shared between parents and their anticipation of new life. Usually these sessions are of baby humans, but these people brilliantly show that maternity photo shoots can be for our canine friends too.

According to People Magazine, Kennedy Sorenson, owner of Chanel the pregnant golden retriever, came up with the awesome idea 9 days before her dog was due to give birth. She contacted Amy Rients, a talented photographer and owner of LeeRoy the future father of the puppies, to run the idea past her, and she agreed.  The adorable images show Chanel wearing a flower wreath and LeeRoy wearing a blue bandana. The pups are lovingly posing side by side next to a sign that reads “9 days until Puppies.”  

Source: Rients Photography

The photos were initially shared to Twitter where they have since gone viral with over 37k likes and 22k retweets.

Source: Rients Photography
Source: Rients Photography

Rients recently posted to her company’s Facebook page where she states “I never intended these fun photos to make such a fuss in our world, they were taken for pure fun.” Sharing that many news stations and web pages have contacted them, ranging from to They are crossing their fingers for a call from the Ellen show.

Check out the pictures of the adorable little puppies after Chanel finally gave birth. Share if you want Rients to do you dog’s maternity and family pictures!

Source: Rients Photography
Source: Rients Photography
Source: Rients Photography