Thrilled Woman Realizes Her Uber Driver Is The Original Voice Behind AOL’s You’ve Got Mail

When Brandee Barker got into her Uber on Saturday in Ohio, she didn’t recognize her driver. Why would she – Brandee is a Californian who had come to the swing state to canvas for Hillary Clinton. However, when she started chatting with the driver, she knew she recognized his voice somewhere, and after pressuring him a bit, she found out why.

Elwood Edwards, 67, is an Uber driver now, but he used to be a voice actor, and in fact is best known for a gig that only paid him a measly $200… He’s the voice of AOL’s notifications, something we all have ingrained on our brains from the ‘90s! Turns out his wife used to work for Quantum Computer Services, which later became AOL, and had her husband record the original sound files on a cassette tape in their living room. Ah, nostalgia.

Needless to say, Brandee freaked out and immediately requested that Elwood say his trademark phrase “You’ve Got Mail” for her, a request he gets a lot and one he’s only too happy to oblige. Brandee says she, “completely geek freaked and asked if he would do the video,” which has since gone viral.

Elwood gets a kick out of being called out for his famous voice – he even appeared on The Tonight Show last year to read funny phrases in that classic AOL way. So watch out, Ohioans, the next time you get into an Uber, you may have a huge bout of ‘90s nostalgia waiting for you in the driver’s seat!

This Adorable Skunk Family Will Steal Your Heart

Skunks get a bad rap. Yes, they’re stinky, and yes, they creep around mostly at night. However, most people don’t even know what skunks look like up close (besides those unmistakable stripes) because they never got close enough to really check them out. We’re taught to steer way clear of them as kids, probably because our parents didn’t want to make us take tomato soup baths to get the stink out.

Well if you’re harboring some residual fear of skunks from your childhood, the perfect remedy is this video. A biker posted it in 2015, when he was riding through a wooded area and saw what is possibly the most adorable skunk family ever. Thankfully he wasn’t afraid, and froze in place to let the little critters investigate his bike at will, and when he posted it, hardened hearts everywhere melted to goo!

Who even knew skunks made those cute little noises? They combine the inquisitiveness of cats with the irresistible hoppyness of bunnies, plus a sort of wild charm that’s all their own! And the fact that they travel in a tight group just KILLS us.

Source: YouTube

It’s all well and good for skunks to be in the wilderness, but they also adapt really well to urban environments (to the discomfort of people, usually). If you see a cute skunk family like this one in your neighborhood though, don’t think everything is about to get a lot more stinky. Having skunks nearby can cut down on pests like insects and rodents, and generally skunks are very easy going when left alone. If you don’t freak out, they won’t, so adopt a live-and-let-live policy and enjoy these super cute grayscale critters!

The Ultimate Airbnb is an Entire Country – Welcome to Sweden!

Sweden is nothing if not an enterprising country that really gets social media and this whole internet thing. After all, it’s the nation that brought us the Curators of Sweden, a project which in part handed over the official Swedish Twitter account to a different citizen for a week. It was very cool for a few months, then suddenly, it wasn’t. link :

Source: Airbnb

That’s not to say that the idea of the project wasn’t amazing; after all, Sweden is a beautiful and unique Scandinavian country with a fantastic culture. That’s why Sweden recently listed itself, the whole country, on Airbnb! They’re inviting the whole world to come to the nation and explore freely, an experience called “allemansrätten,” or “the freedom to roam.”

Source: Airbnb
Source: Airbnb

The listing reads, “Allemansrätten… is a principle protected by Swedish law that gives all people the right to be free in Swedish nature. In other words, Swedish nature isn’t just a piece of land with trees and lakes and cliffs – it’s a home with all the necessities and amenities that any great home should have.” Not the least of which is spectacular views, by the way. The photos on the listing are breathtakingly beautiful, and the listing provides info on nine separate regions of the country, to get your journey off the ground.

Source: Airbnb

We’re already backing our bags, and the listing has only been up for a few days! But with promises of warm hospitality and boundless natural wonders, we’re kicking ourselves that we haven’t visited sooner! As the ad says, “It’s a place where you can eat berries from the ground, sleep under the stars, swim in the lakes and roam freely.” Count us in!

Source: Airbnb

The Patriotic Man Romper Makes it Debut at the Indy 500

When 33 year old Indianapolis costume designer Jess West created a patriotic male romper for the upcoming Indy 500, she meant it as a joke. She posted it on Facebook hoping it would draw attention to her website, where she makes costumes from pop culture staples like Dr. Who, Batman, and Gremlins. However, a lot of people look one look at the romper – which features a bald eagle/flag pattern, checkered racing flags, and a zipper right up the front – and thought, heck yes I want to wear that!

Jess got 15 orders (at a pretty $125 a pop) for the hilarious rompers before she had to stop taking them, because the race was just days away! And while some of them won’t be quite as patriotic as the first (it also said “HOME OF THE FREE MERICA” on the back), they’ll still follow the red/white/blue theme with fabrics that have rocket pops or fireworks printed on them. “That is what people associate with the Indy 500 – American racing,” Jess says. She should know, she’s been a racing fan all her life.

While the rompers are being made without the measurements of the men who ordered them, the customers are able to shorten the length of the legs, and the drawstring around the middle means there’s some definite wiggle room with sizing. However, for Jess, the most crucial element of the whole ensemble is the zipper down the front. It can be worn all the way zipped up (just like the pros!) or hilariously open to the navel, which we predict will happen more and more as the day goes on. Plus, as a woman who owns a few rompers, Jess knows a thing or two about the struggles of using the restroom when you’re in a one-piece. “That’s everyone’s first question for me, ‘How am I going to go to the bathroom?’ I got you.” Functional and stylish? Well that’s just good design!

Why Sea Turtles are the Coolest Oceanic Reptiles

June 16th is World Sea Turtle Day, and even though it’s still a few weeks away, we thought we’d share some of our favorite sea turtle facts so that you can get ready to appreciate this truly magnificent marine animal.

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For example, did you know that sea turtles have been around since dinosaurs walked the Earth? They first emerged somewhere around 150 million years ago, which is incredible considering that the extinction event for the dinosaurs was about 65 million years ago! This makes them some of the oldest creatures on planet Earth, but that’s not the only aspect of the sea turtle that commands respect. Some sea turtles can travel as much as 10,000 miles a year, which is almost halfway around the earth! However, sea turtles are notoriously attached to the nesting grounds in which they hatched; females of the species will return to those same grounds to lay their own eggs!

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Male sea turtles, however, almost always spend their entire lives at sea, which can make tracking population numbers very hard for scientists. One solution is to count them when they hatch, although it’s estimated that only one in 1,000 hatchlings reaches adulthood. Predators, including humans, greatly diminish their numbers, and human pollution doesn’t help either.

Source: Giphy

Sometimes sea turtles cry, but that isn’t about the pollution or the predators; they have glands in the corners of their eyes that releases excess salt! They also can hold their breaths for up to five hours (though they don’t do that all the time) and some species can way up to 2,000lbs! So take some time on June 16th (and any other day of the year) to share some facts about these magnificent creatures and look up some ways we can keep them around for another 150 millenia!