Man Feeds A Fox Everyday


On the peak, which is on the mountain Shara, there lives a man by the name of Mr. Vase. One evening, a wild fox appeared at the door of his mountain hut.

She had obviously come looking for food, but was not aggressive. Mr. Vase began feeding the fox, who he lovingly calls Lisa.

For the last year, Lisa comes to the homestead around 6 in the evening, after the sheepdogs have been put to bed. Mr. Vase feeds her every night, and he has done so for a year. Curiously, she does not seem to fear people and will eat from the families’ hands.

After eating her fill, Lisa retreats into the woods, not to be seen again until the following evening. 


There has been speculation as to why she has no fear of humans, and why she also acts like more of a dog than a wild fox. Could she have been a pet that was released into the wild?

Critics have also had some negative things to say as feeding a wild animal can encourage that animal to become reliant on humans and lose their ability to hunt as a result. They also state that these animals losing their fear of humans can be detrimental because if they approach a human that doesn’t know them, they may see them as a threat and harm or kill the animal because of its lack of fear. Many times when animals are sick with diseases such as rabies, they will approach humans without fear. Of course, when Lisa appeared, she was already showing this trusting nature. So, she is lucky that she found the Vase family and not someone who would have seen her appearance as a threat.

Photographer captures pics of sleeping WHAT

Do fish sleep? What about sharks? Dolphins must, they are mammals, right? But what about whales… we bet if you asked 100 people, 99 would have no clue.

Professional photographer Franco Banfi has given us the answer, as well as proof, that whales DO sleep. You don’t have to take our word for it because we have the pics right here!

Banfi was following a herd of sperm whales in the Caribbean Sea near Dominica Island when they stopped moving. Suddenly, these gentle giants fell into a synchronized, vertical rest. Prior to 2008, this had never been witnessed by humans. A team of biologists from the UK and Japan documented the occurrence and further study states that this group nap time happens during 7 percent of a whale’s life on average. Normally these big guys only nap for 24 minutes or less, as low as only 6 minutes. Talk about a POWER nap!


Below you will see the image of this rarely witnessed event captured by Franco Banfi and his diving partner Sabrina Belloni.

Do you think they are dreaming?

What magnificent creatures!

Diver Sabrina Belloni swimming close during this unusual and beautiful site.

She swims with them, even awake, seemingly having no fear.

Squishy Dogs Cheeks That We Can’t Resist


If you have had a “ruff” day, nothing can make you smile faster than an overload of doggie cuteness. We have found not only cute, but squishy doggie faces that people can’t seem to keep their hands off of!

If you simply can not resist grabbing chubby cheeks, then you are not alone! In fact, according to a 2014 study done by Psych students at Yale University, when humans see adorable dogs or babies, the intense feeling of joy we feel is counteracted by a rush of aggression that helps us process the overwhelming sensations. The aggression is what makes us want to squeeze cheeks and “eat toes”. That is how your body responds to the cuteness OVERLOAD.

The following squish-able faces are going to make you want squeal with joy!

Is it the tongue, or those wrinkles, or that- “momma I am so very tired,” look? We don’t know- but he sure is cute!

Another sleepy baby that NEEDS to be squished!

I Don’t know if he knows how cute he is all pressed against the bars or not, but I know I would unlock that cage in a second!

We didn’t get to see just how cute he was because his mom couldn’t resist the squish!


Are you at cuteness overload yet? Wanting to eat some toes or squeeze some cheeks? DO IT! You will feel tons better!

Hope we have made your day!




Momma Duck Quacking For Help Leads To A Tense Duckling Rescue

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we tend to focus on ourselves, and sometimes forget that we share this world with millions of other organisms. There are other animals all around us, even in urban settings.

One man in Phoenix, AZ was out taking a walk recently and noticed a feathered friend quacking at him. A lone duck stood by a grate off the side of the road  repeatedly quacking. The good Samaritan noticed that in addition to the quacks, he was also hearing little chirps. After deciding to get a little closer to investigate, he quickly noticed that this mama duck’s baby ducklings had slipped through the grate and into the pit below. She was standing guard of her roost and trying to flag down some help.

The man enlisted the help of the Phoenix Fire Department who soon arrived at the scene to help the ducklings in distress. While the firemen got to work figuring out a way to help get these little guys out of the storm drain, the mama duck flew in circles overhead to keep an eye on her babies. Luckily, the fireman found a cooler nearby, got into the storm drain and were able to rescue all nine ducklings safe and sound!

After safely pulling the ducklings out of the drain, mama duck had settled in a neighbor’s yard nearby. The firemen were able to release the little duckling back into mama’s care. While mama duck learned a hard lesson about watching where she steps, she was lucky enough to find a kind-hearted fellow Earthling or two to help her out!

This Adorable Skunk Family Will Steal Your Heart

Skunks get a bad rap. Yes, they’re stinky, and yes, they creep around mostly at night. However, most people don’t even know what skunks look like up close (besides those unmistakable stripes) because they never got close enough to really check them out. We’re taught to steer way clear of them as kids, probably because our parents didn’t want to make us take tomato soup baths to get the stink out.

Well if you’re harboring some residual fear of skunks from your childhood, the perfect remedy is this video. A biker posted it in 2015, when he was riding through a wooded area and saw what is possibly the most adorable skunk family ever. Thankfully he wasn’t afraid, and froze in place to let the little critters investigate his bike at will, and when he posted it, hardened hearts everywhere melted to goo!

Who even knew skunks made those cute little noises? They combine the inquisitiveness of cats with the irresistible hoppyness of bunnies, plus a sort of wild charm that’s all their own! And the fact that they travel in a tight group just KILLS us.

Source: YouTube

It’s all well and good for skunks to be in the wilderness, but they also adapt really well to urban environments (to the discomfort of people, usually). If you see a cute skunk family like this one in your neighborhood though, don’t think everything is about to get a lot more stinky. Having skunks nearby can cut down on pests like insects and rodents, and generally skunks are very easy going when left alone. If you don’t freak out, they won’t, so adopt a live-and-let-live policy and enjoy these super cute grayscale critters!