Dog Goes Crazy About Being Adopted

It’s a sad reality that many domesticated animals have to face, but ultimately, not every potential pet gets adopted. Most of us have a special place in our hearts for pets like dogs and cats, but there’s always been more pets to adopt that people willing or able to adopt them.

Animals who make it to shelters have a chance at adoption, but due to space constraints and costs, several animals are put down each year. Shelters can only accept and care for so many animals before it becomes uneconomical, and so euthanization is a controversial, but ultimately effective means of dealing with this. Benny, an 8 month old pit bull, would likely have faced this fate being an animal from a traditionally high-kill facility.

Luckily for him, a family looking for a pit bull decided to adopt him! You can see this touching moment below on video. When he finds out he’s being adopted, Benny can hardly contain his excitement at meeting his new family! Sadly enough however for many of the animals at Benny’s old shelter, adoptions like Benny’s are the exception and not the rule. Hopefully, more and more families like Benny’s elect to adopt their future pets.

Touching Rescue of A Blind Dog

Human compassion is always something beautiful to see, and it doesn’t just stop with our fellow humans. Veteran rescuer Fahrudin Caki Bravo and his friend Ratko Koblar are both living proof of this.

When a blind dog accidentally wandered into a deep well, it almost seemed like game over. The blind dog in question was trapped in the well for over a month, waiting to be rescued. Luckily for her, Bravo and Koblar heared about her situation and immediately sprung into action. Both men drove hours to rescue the dog. They ended up naming the dog “Christmas”, rather fittingly given the selfless nature of the rescue and the time of year. In case your tear ducts are suffering from neglect, you can watch the video of the amazing rescue below.

Final Moments For A Police Horse

It’s easy to forget how animals play a special role not only in our hearts, but in our day to day safety. Service dogs, and in this case, horses assist the police forces and individuals that keep us safe everyday.

In the process, these officers and animals develop a very close bond, so it’s always sad when that bond has to come to an end. This was the case for Officer D. Herrejo and his partner, Charlotte. Together, this duo serviced the streets of Downtown Houston stopping crime.

Unfortunately, things came to an end for the duo one day when Charlotte was startled by a cement truck, and through off Officer Herrojo from her back. In the process, her hind legs were damaged severely, to the point where a veterinarian rolled that she would have to be euthanized. Her partner, Officer Herrejo was already in transit to the hospital when the decision was made for Charlotte to be euthanized. In his wake, another officer named Ronald Curry stayed with Charlotte during her final moments.

Many members of the public, along with Officer Herrejo were devastated by the event. Not every civilian or police officer gets to see active service animals in their community, but most people can relate to the feeling of losing a trusted companion. Our best wishes go out to Officer Herrejo and those impacted by this loss.

Baby Elephant Gets New Best Friend

The odds were stacked against Ellie, the newborn elephant, after she was ousted by her herd. Luckily, she wandered into the loving arms of Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in South Africa, and that’s where she met her unlikely new best friend!

Upon her arrival to Thula Thula, Ellie had a number of serious health problem like a huge infected hole in her stomach where her umbilical cord had once was and severe malnutrition. Even though the chances of surviving were less than one percent, Ellie pulled through and grew both physically and mentally. Her wound healed and she was getting stronger every day!

But her seemingly unstoppable progress grinded to a stop after Ellie wasn’t getting the necessary socialization elephants desperately crave. Her mood continued to deteriorate so Ellie’s caretakers decided to try something radical; they introduced Ellie to Duma, a German Shepherd puppy who also lived in the animal sanctuary.

The pair hit it off right away and within hours of meeting Duma, Ellie started to show signs of improving once again! Ellie has a renewed love of life and now she and Duma are inseparable! They play all day, every day!

Rescue Animals At Their Best!

There are people in this world who derive great satisfaction from rescuing animals and giving them a chance at a great life. These beautiful animals enrich the lives of those around them, and once they are in your life you don’t know how you lived without them.

Lauren is an animal lover doing extraordinary things to save the lives of cats in Saudi Arabia – and we have included some of her “favorite” pictures here. Some of these cats have found forever homes, and some are still waiting to fly to Canada and Australia for the chance at a better life.

Let’s celebrate these beautiful animals together.

Lost an eye when she was a kitten, now she is spoiled rotten!


First time on wheels!

Angel was recently sent to the US to an amazing family with I think now 4? Rescue dogs. We are so grateful to them for taking her on. All our rescues are looking for homes as we are in Saudi and sending them overseas as you can see on the go fund me link. It’s a lot of hard work

I know you gave a comfortable bed, but…