Heroes Help Beached Dolphin

When animals need rescuing, it normally takes professionals. Many people are unfamiliar with the proper way to handle wild animals, and professionals have the knowledge and tools that, basically, make them the ones to call. Sadly, animals can be even more injured by those trying to lend a hand who just want to help, but simply don’t know how.

For the safety of the animals and people involved, wait for those with the proper knowledge UNLESS it is a life or death situation!

When a rescue can’t wait for the professional rescue crews, that is when heroes have to step in. It may be minutes or seconds before an animal will lose its life if help is not received.

This is what happened in a video surfacing from Dorset in the UK. A few brave bystanders came to the rescue of a dolphin who had beached himself in the shallow waters. The dolphin had become disoriented and was swimming toward the beach when the individuals caught sight of his fin and decided they had to help.

So, they all entered the water and, working together, sent him back the right direction towards home.

In the following clip, you can see their difficult job and overwhelming success.

As a side note, it is important to remember that many times, when dolphins attempt to beach themselves, it is a sign of illness and is better to keep the animal in the water and upright until officials can arrive. Rerouting him back into the water can be detrimental. In the case of this dolphin, we are glad that all worked out well!


Are You My Mom?

One of these things is not like the other…

Babies are cute- we all LOVE watching puppies and kittens- any baby animal can keep us glued to our screens for hours! Especially, with a story that makes you say AWWWE.

These sweet baby pandas will one day be released into the wild. Before they can, however, someone has to teach them how to be real pandas. Who knows Panda life skills better than a panda mom… but wait… that mom looks a little, stuffed?

That’s right- it is not a mother panda at all. At this zoo in China, a zookeeper dons a panda costume to enter the enclosure with his cute cubs. The babies treat the costumed keeper as if he was their mother, pretending to fight and snuggle.

The cubs do not realize their “mom” is actually teaching them how to socialize and interact with other pandas before they move outside of the zoo. The costume makes them feel nurtured, secure and supported as they are encouraged and corrected and taught to be independent pandas. Zookeepers explain that human interaction hinders a panda’s chance for survival in their natural habitat, which makes the costume imperative to their life skills training.

While being used as a learning tool, it also keeps the stress down by reminding these cuties of their moms.

Take a look at the video below to be wowed by this impromptu family unit.

This Dog’s Heartbreaking Background

When this family found and adopted an older dog from their local shelter, they were not told anything about his background, but when they looked into his eyes knew that he deserved a second chance. After just a short time, they realized he was a perfect fit for their family.

The love that they had for their new family member seemed to be reciprocated. Their days were spent on walks, romps with the kids through the backyard, and nights cuddling on the couch. Then, the family started to notice a strange behavior. Every night the dog would follow the parents to their room, sitting beside the bed with a strange expression.

At first, they thought he needed to go out, or needed food and water. Finding no reason for his behavior, they went back to bed. Night after night, the couple would fall asleep with the dog sitting beside the bed, just staring at them. The next morning, they would wake up and he was still in the same spot. They tried pretending to be asleep, only to find that he never moved. They worried that something may be wrong with their new pup. The vet ran tests but found him to be perfectly healthy. He suggested they try to find out information on his past.

When the family contacted the shelter to find out the story on their new family member, what they found out explained everything.

The shelter told them that instead of simply bringing him to the shelter, the man gave the dog a sedative so he would go to sleep. While the dog was asleep, he transported him to the shelter.

When he woke up, instead of seeing familiar surroundings, he saw the inside of a cage. He never saw his owner again. This had obviously traumatized the poor animal. He was worried that if he went to sleep at night, his new life would disappear as well.

The family was heart-broken, but thankful that he had come into their family because of it. They purchased him a new bed, which they placed next to theirs. They were very patient with the dog, at times even laying with him on the floor beside his new dog bed. Little by little, the dog started to trust in this nighttime ritual. After several weeks, the dog was sleeping in the dog bed when they woke in the morning. They woke him with smiles and love, and after that night, he never stood guard over them again.

Man’s Best Friend Saves The Day Yet Again!

Time and time again, dogs have lived up to their moniker as “mans best friend”. Ulnas Chowdhury got to witness their unmatched loyalty first hand one afternoon.

On his usual walk through the woods, Ulnas heard a very unusual noise. From behind some bushes, he heard the sounds of a baby crying. Upon closer inspection, he discovered a baby girl wrapped in a pink blanket, surrounded by four dogs! The dogs were doing their utmost to watch over her, keeping her warm and safe.

It didn’t end there either. The dogs kept watch over the baby girl while Ulnas contacted his neighbors. He also contacted the police, and got his neighbor to feed the baby girls some milk. During the whole ordeal, the four dogs refused to leave her side.

Ulnas was very impressed, but this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen dog’s express humanlike levels of compassion. Thanks to them, Ulnas, and his caring neighbors, the baby girl is now currently in a safe location. A happy ending to an amazingly touching story.

Elephant Kept in Captivity, Cries Tears of Joy When Freed

In our world of diverse opinions, one thing most people can definitely agree on is that animal cruelty is not cool. With that being said, it does happen, regularly in fact. While instances of animal cruelty vary in scope, for Raju the elephant, the conditions that he faced while in captivity where especially debilitating and cruel.   

Raju had lived in captivity for 50 years starting from when he was a child, so he had never had the opportunity to experience a better life. Everyday, Raju would be forced to beg for food from tourist, and often times, he would have to eat plastic or scavenge for food. He was far too skinny for an elephant, and spent his days in spiked shackles that left his legs bloody and wounded.  

For many animals like Raju, it’s not uncommon for them to spend their entire lives in captivity. Luckily for Raju, Wildlife SOS, a London charity, heard about his predicament and swooped in to help. Together with a team of 20 forestry department officers, 6 policemen, and 10 wildlife experts, Raju was rescued overnight. The team ran into a brief altercation with the Raju’s owner, but where persistent and ultimately managed to unchain the elephant and bring him to a nearby elephant sanctuary. Raju actually cried tears of joy as he was rescued, fully aware that he was finally being freed.

According to the wildlife experts who rescued him, he faces a lengthy rehabilitation. Undoing 50 years of brutality will definitely prove challenging, but for now, Raju is completely free from his captors, and can live out the rest of his life in a safe environment. A touching end to an otherwise unfortunate story.